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Our team is ready to put your truck back on the road!

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Your Truck or Trailer just broke down?

Call us immediately at 1-855-MECANO-1 (1-855-632-2661) and one of our expert will be there shortly! Our prime objective is to get you back on the road in no time!

It’s not frequent that your equipment fails, and it’s never a good timing. Why spend your valuable time WAITING FOR a towing truck and then waiting at the garage for your truck to be repaired? Our mechanics are PROFESSIONALS and very efficient!

CALL US for all types of repairs (Except TIRES repairs) and one of our mobile unit will meet you where you are. With Groupe Pro Mecano if it can be fixed on the road, It WILL be fixed! And you will soon be on your way again.

Our mechanics are especially trained to respond to any failure your TRUCK or TRAILER could have and our units are fully equipped to give you the ROADSIDE SERVICE ASSISTANCE you need. Whether you need a temporary repair to make it home or a full repair to deliver you merchandise to your client in the USA, we can HELP you! Don’t forget that if you have a BUS or an RV with can also help.

You have a check engine code that just appeared, your booster has just exploded or suddenly you have an electrical problem? whatever it is, we can help you, WE ARE THE EXPERTS on the road. CALL US NOW! 1-855-MECANO-1 (1-855-632-2661).


Because we know that time is money, you can trust us to get your truck back on the road again!

We carry out all the maintenance and repairs necessary for the GOOD operation of your RV. We repair Class A, B and C motorhomes. We are recreational vehicle specialists. Visit our VR Montérégie page to learn more about our services.

Thanks to a team of the most competent, Mécanique St-Jean performs maintenance and repairs of trucks and trailers. We also perform a system cleaning (EGR, DPF, DOC, TURBO ET PLUS).